Our commitment is based on the vision of our YKK Organization: To be a reference of quality, service and efficiency, with the firm purpose of exceeding the expectations of our customers. Achieving a culture of continuous improvement through innovation in our processes and services.

All of the flows of processes within our business model function as a gear of pieces where each part of the team contributes its best work. In addition, procedures are established to comply with environmentally responsible and sustainable practices and where the safety and health of our workers and business partners both at home and abroad are ensured at all times.

In order to materialize this commitment with all of our stakeholders, we implemented an Integrated System for Safety and Health, Quality and Environment Management based on the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and BizSAFE Partner, which we review annually within an entire improvement process and this continues to help us deliver the best in our organization.

- Our Policy -

“Observing safety at all times in our daily work and environment is the ultimate goal of the Company and the Management in accident prevention.”

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Management Policy

It is the policy of YKK AP Facade Pte Ltd, through its Regional Offices, to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for its workers, business partners, and the public, & prevent damage to property & materials.

Providing a safe working environment is the responsibility of the Management and the workers. As such, all efforts and resources will be made available to obtain the cooperation and participation of all concerned parties. No undue risks shall be taken in the name of experience and all contractors are encouraged to promote safe working practices and good housekeeping among its employees and to maintain equipment in good and safe working order.

The Target of the Safety Management System is to achieve Zero Fatal Accidents and millions of reportable Accident-Free Man-hours on our Projects.

WSH practice and documents are regularly reviewed, updated and improved for a better WSH Management System.

A Safety Statement (OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT POLICY) has been developed to comply with relevant Health & Safety standards and to ensure that clients and employees are fully aware of our commitment to high standards in Health & Safety.


Objectives of the safety statement

To establish an overall sense of direction and sets the PRINCIPLES OF ACTION for YKK AP Singapore

Set Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) RESPONSIBILITY and PERFORMANCE required throughout the organization.

Demonstrates the FORMAL COMMITMENT of YKK AP Singapore, particularly that of the top management, towards good OSH management.

Key Points

  • Occupational health and safety is every employee’s responsibility at all levels.
  • We are committed to complying with relevant Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Legislations i.e. WSH Act (effective from 1st March 2006) and its subsidiary regulations.
  • It is the Policy of YKK AP Singapore to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, working partners, and the public.
  • While YKK AP Singapore Management accepts responsibility for providing a safe working environment, employees are expected to take responsibility for performing work in accordance with safe standards and practices. This can only be achieved through teamwork with everyone taking reasonable measures to assure safe working conditions for all.
  • YKK AP Singapore will strive for continual improvement in her OSH performance and management system.
  • Our target is always to maintain ZERO reportable incidents and accidents at all of our workplaces.
  • All employees and working partners through safety campaigns need to upkeep their proper attitudes toward injury and illness prevention.

“Be PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE towards workplace safety”

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Management Policy
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A part from Safety consideration, Quality has always been the paramouth attention in the company operation. Within the internal company context, the quality in question is not limited to the products; it refers to the "Quality in everything" that an employee must possess. Through the quality output from each and every employees, the end products will eventually be appreciate by our clients.
The Management of YKK AP FACADE PTE LTD has the specific objective to consistently obtain clients’ satisfaction through conforming with contractual and regulatory requirements.

To accomplish this, we will:-

a) implement a sound quality system and continually improve upon it
b) regard quality management as critical to business success, and hold employees at all levels accountable for quality
c) provide the specific means by which all employees can freely identify and eliminate obstacles to improve the quality of their own work
d) communicate and coordinate our work efficiently with internal and external parties

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Our Certificate and Accreditations

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ISO 9001

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ISO 14001

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ISO 27001

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ISO 45001

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bizSAFE Partner

Singapore Building & Construction Authority (BCA) Contractor Registry for YKK AP Singapore

Workhead Description Grade
CW01 General Building C3
CR16 Curtain Walls L6 (Unlimited)
CR10 Metal & Timber Structures L6 (Unlimited)
GB1 General Builder Class 1

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